Week 12

Ouch! I hurt myself while carving the racket during class today. It bled a little but I didn’t let that stop me, Mrs. Englot gave me a band-aid and I continued to carve.

Note to self: Wear gloves

I still haven’t seen a proffesional yet, so that will also be on my to-do list.

Presentations are coming up in about 2 weeks, so in order to finish this project, I will have to push myself.

This week: Finish sanding shuttlecock wood

This weekend: Finish racket structure

I will continue to make pushes to complete this project.

Carving the wood was harder than I thought, I’m guessing either it’s because of the quality of my tools, or the type of wood.

That’s all for for this week and I’ll make sure to upload to the Youtube Channel!

Week 11


  1. This weekend, see professional
  2. Finish sanding badminton racket
  3. Complete shuttlecock

I’ve been checking other peoples’ work and I’m at a good point.

Today, I brought my wood for the shuttlecock and will sand it down.

Last week, I created a youtube channel to post Genius Hour videos and other.

Channel link here: https://www.youtube.com/@invicitex63

Blog post

Great news everyone!

I stuck to my plan and got plywood over the weekend, I got a lot of progress on it. My dad has been a big help.

This project could now be renamed “Woodworking” instead of “Wood carving” because my dad allowed me to use his sanding gun thing.

The machine was harder to hold than I thought it would.

See you in the next one!

6th Blog Post

I’m back from the break, and today I’ll be going through a self-evaluation.

On my second blog post, I stated clearly what I was going to make and what I needed.

And as you know, I wasted a month creating a failed shuttlecock.

Note: This weekend, I MUST GET PLYWOOD for the racket.

This project is going to be hard to finish on time, but if I work for 1 hour each day, it should be under control.

As a reminder, if you are reading this and are curious where my photo and video evidence is, here’s the answer: At the end (Around the beginning of Febuary), I will make an Inshotted Youtube video showing the process. This will include raw photos and videos.

See you in the next one…Bye!

Project Starts: Day 1

Hey guys and welcome to my channel, today is the first day at school I got to work on the project.

I taped three pieces of paper and traced the frame of my badminton racket I think later today I’ll shop for supplies for the shuttlecock.

January 11, 2023 Thought I posted this, but checked all my drafts and found some unposted blogs. Sorry for the mistake.

Blog Update

On December 14, I cut my finger really badly with a wood carving knife, it has gotten better since it’s been one week.

It case you are all wondering where my “evidence” for this project is, I will make a youtube video (edited with inshot) with all the phoytos and videos.

I watched this video to practice my badminton smash

Although this seems a little off topic, my beginning goal was to make a badminton set, and win a match.


Sorry for posting this late, I saved it as a draft and didn’t realize until now.


As you know from my last blog post, my shuttlecock isn’t working very well.

I have now decided that I will make another shuttlecock, keeping in mind the things I can improve on.

I was shocked how hard it is to make the feathers in a circle.

I hope the second shuttlecock turns out well.

Stay tuned for the upcoming!

Shuttlecock-The process; and failure

After hours of carving and sanding, I got the cork part of the shuttlecock. I then layered it with 3 layers of foam. After that, I put another three layers of foam on the flat side and glued on some feathers. It was surprising hard to get it right!

After that, I put another three layers of foam on the flat side and glued on some feathers.

At that point I tested it by throwing it up; it went perfectly well.

According to my plan, I was going to string it and tighten it, like teeth braces.

I did and tested it, I was devastated, it barely worked this time.

I cut the feathers vertically, and currently is sitting on my worktable.

Stay tuned for the next blog!

Third Blog Post

Today I did my first practice carve on a stick.

Sweating was easier than I thought!

I tested every knife.

Carving with those tiny knives was harder than I thought!

I was surprised what effect each knife made.

I need to change my style of carving because I think I was breaking the wood more than I was carving it.

My next steps will be to buy the final piece of wood and a larger carving knife beacuse the tiny one barely made a dent.

But the carving still was very satisfying!

See you on my next blog post!

My Second Blog Post

Welocome back to Genius Hour with Anthony and today I’ll be talking about my Genius Hour plan.

In the next few months, I will be learning to construct a wooden badminton racket and shuttlecock by myself.

If I achieve my goal, it should look like a red badminton racket with string and racket grip. The shuttlecock should look like a normal one.

Some steps I will need to make are buying the materials, carving the racket, painting it, mojpoj it, stringing and gripping it. For the shuttlecock, I will need to buy materials, paint them, and put it together.

Supplies I will need are Gorilla Glue, wood, wood carving knife, badminton string, badminton grip, red paint, modpoj, bird feathers, cork and maybe I’ll need some extra materials along the way.

I might need my mom’s credit card to buy this since this project is not going to be cheap.

This is the end and I’ll see you next time on Genius Hour with Anthony!